Send e-mail notify the owner of record/row

I´d like to notify the owner of the row/record by email that a switch was modified.
Do I have to use Zapier or IFTTT?

My project someone requests help and unknown person makes a donation and switch the request tell the requester that the donation was made.

I´d like to send a msg to the requester.

Hey @Alexandre_Caruso

I’m not sure what ITFFF is but Zapier works well with this. You have to set it up to send an email or even text message when a specific action is done :ballot_box_with_check: on the GS in this case when the row is updated.

I hope this helps.


IFTTT was popular back in the days (and still do in the automations community). My sole use is to create Applet (Apple automations).

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There is another way, but it will include some coding to the sheet itself:




One more way, but not sure if will work in your case is:

Set up email notifications

  1. In Google Sheets , open the spreadsheet where you want to set notifications .
  2. Select Tools. Notification rules.
  3. Select when and how you want to receive notifications .
  4. Click Save.

Hope it helps,

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