Basic Table Component

Yes OMG so annoying to delete them and redo it.


How do I have this display down the columns? The first column on one side and the second column on the other. It’s only selecting the first row.

What’s your use case here? The basic table component only looks at one row’s data at one time. Are you trying to display data from different rows?

I’m trying to create a legend. One column has the icon and the other the name.

Is there a reason you don’t want to have multiple columns on the same row for this?

I’d probably create an HTML table for this. It goes something like…

  • create a template column that creates a <tr> row for each legend item, eg.
  • create a Joined List column to string all those together - with no separator
  • create a template column to insert that joined list inside some <table> tags, eg.
    • <table>{joined-list}</table>
  • then display that in a rich text component

If you want to get fancy, you can use a CSS table generator and come up with some really nice looking tables. Here’s an example of one I recently did for @Mark_Turrell:


Very smart way to create the table.

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The one I did for Mark was waaaay more complicated than that, but it essentially boils down to those 3 steps. I’m pretty sure I stole this idea from @Jeff_Hager :slightly_smiling_face:


What do you mean?

I can try this, thanks!

Hmm not coming out exactly as I like…
I’m looking for something like this


Should be easy enough, just set the table border to 0, and make the first td element a fixed width.

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You can do this with markdown table relatively easy

No idea how to do that, also the list repeats itself the amount of times a row is filled within the sheet, and they are right on top each other.

<table border="0">
<td width="10%">

Can you show me what it looks like?
And the table/columns you’re using as the source of the legend?

Glide Table

Rich text, see how it repeats?

“Any chance we can get the ability to rearrange rows in a Basic table?”

Bumping up, a year later :smile:

I have to remember how to use these forums every time I join a new one it seems…

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Is there something I should be adding so the table doesn’t repeat?

hey sorry… meant to reply earlier today.

I’m having difficulty visualising how you’ve set this up. I see the two columns that contain your event icon and name, but can you show me the other columns you’ve created to build the table?

No prob.

That’s it. Two columns. I’m building a legend.