Basic Table Component

Yeah, you’re correct in that left to right reading has better balancing with the left text stronger than the right. Personally, I like the third version where both sides are solidly readable. But your iOS use cases do make a lot of sense.

I think for me, why it mainly stands out is I have a dark theme app, so that darker text really feels quite faint… that works fine for labels but for info, I fear my readers will have a hard time seeing it.

But I have only really been working on one app here. So I’m seeing this (selfishly) through that one lens. For light theme I think it looks very nice, and considerably more familiar to my eye… probably because my iPhone settings are never in dark mode.

So maybe I just need to get used to it.

Great timing, be really useful for an app I’m working on to display daily business opening hours. Thanks :+1:

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The world of music won’t tour for a while, but once they can go out again, the On Tour app will be better than ever!

Screenshot 2020-03-25 09.57.00


A M A Z I N G greattt workk!!!

Love it! So so so cool and great from an UI point of view! :+1:t2::heart:


Thank u for that!!

Please allow moving rows up and down for reordering the table. Thanks


Amazing! Great option to keep information cleaner.

Could we have a feature that when the table can be clicked to link to a screen?
Same as we have for the basic text component.

You want the whole table to link to a screen? What’s your use case for this?

@Antonio …una maravilla!

I like the option #1 (alt 1)



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The table shows some basic data, and then when clicking the table, I’d go to a screen for a detailed view of that info.

For example, I’m working right now on this app.

I’d like to go to a detailed view when I click the table.

So you’d want to go to a different detail screen for the same data row?

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yes sir.


It is similar to the wish as seen in the below link although you would like to go to a detail screen

You could upvote “link to screen actions on list items” in the feature request app and make a remark that is should also be possible for basic table component.

It would be nice it is was possible everywhere where you can jump somewhere else - like you can do on image and button component

I don’t know if it a big technical challenge but I would think that is should be easy to do in the builder as a column on a specific row should just be used to point to a specific screen.
Actually in @eltintero case there might have to be send two parameters: 1. screen to go to 2. data to take along

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Exactly. @Krivo took the words out of my mouth.
Couldn’t have said it better.

Any chance we can get the ability to rearrange rows in a Basic table?

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I feel the need to say this again: I absolutely love this feature and this has been extremely well-executed.

I have been implementing this for a few of my apps, and the difference in what was available before and after this feature cannot be missed.


My UI is different, how do I get the latest ?

@edbs_India What is different?

This is nice - I had simple requirement that was met. Thank very much

Here is how i am using:
Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 6.19.28 PM

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