Based on checks

Hey guys Im pretty new to this community and had a question about a functionality:
Im making a softwares comparison project based on features.
So if its softwares 1,2,3,4,5 based on features A,B,C,D,E

Im trying to make a front page of different options say A, B, C , D, E and then the user should be able to choose any of those or multiple and then based on that it gets taken to anther page showing each software and their score on each feauture (scores are hard coded in the sheet)

So for example software 1 has a score of 3 for feature A, a score of 2 for feature B so on…

Is there an easy way to move across pages based on selections-im finding it hard to do this. Let me know if anyone has any tips and hmu if you need any clarification on the context

This might give you ideas.

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Thanks!! Can I dm you for a question or two later?

Yeah if you need my help feel free to do so, or comment in Manan’s thread I linked you above.