Baseball Umpire Schedule

I run a non profit baseball league and I have created an app to help schedule umpires. Umpires can view the app and see which games they have been assigned and they can also see which games still lack an umpire. I can’t figure out why how to edit this app other than directly from the google sheet. Ideally, I want myself and 2 other board members to have editing privileges but everyone else (the umpires) to only have viewing privileges. Is there a way I (and other board members if possible) can edit this in the app instead of having to do it through google sheets?

You bet! Here are the steps:

  1. Create a user profile sheet and populate it with the umpires that are signing into the app
  2. Create a “roles” column in the user profile sheet. I usually just use a boolean column called “isAdmin” or “canEdit”
  3. Check the box in the boolean “canEdit” column for you and the other two board members
  4. On the details screens in the app, enable “allow users to edit” but make it conditional where "User > isAdmin is true"
  5. Configure the edit screens by inserting entry components

Here’s an example:

If you need further assistance, feel free to book a time with me to discuss:


Thanks! I was able to figure that out using the boolean column. I think I have everything exactly how I want it now with just one problem. When I “view as” myself on the glide desktop preview page, it works exactly how I want it to and allows me to edit, but when I actually sign in from my mobile device, I am not able to edit like I am from my computer. I have attached a screen shot to this reply and will post the second screenshot in another reply if the site will let me. One of the screenshots is from my computer where you can see the edit button and one from my phone where you cant see the edit button.

Another detail to note is the “umpire” part in the details screen has different visibility for editors than it does viewers. I have it listed where admins only see the drop down option (for quick selection when they assign an umpire to a game) whereas viewers should only see the text option (so they are not able to accidentally change who is assigned to that game). Other than that, everything is great!

Doublecheck that you didn’t accidentally create a second user when signing into the app. email addresses should be all lowercase when prepopulating a list of users.

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And check for trailing spaces as well, in case you wrote it manually in the data view/the Sheet.