Barcode scanner grocery inventort


I have a question according to barcode scanning and the database. I have currently a database Fridge with expiration date, type, ean and name looked up via a relation. The relation is with the EAN code to the EAN database with names and EAN codes. When I use the barcode scanner, I add a new row to fridge, I add EAN code to the new row. Then I fill in a form with type, expiration date.
The first times it went well, but now it doesn’t add the barcode anymore. Is this because of a limit of scans or something?
Do you maybe also now how I can: make something that can see if I scanned the barcode, if it is already in the database or not. If it is in the database, just fill in the form date and type. If not in database fill in name, type, date. The name has then to be added to the EAN database with name and EAN.
I hope you can help me, since we just bought a subscription and like the platform.

Kind Regards,