Back buttons

I’m converting my first classic app to the new App. Just wanted to say I’m impressed so far.

The one thing I’m finding very counter intuitive is the navigation when opening new screens. Specifically, the most common user action is eventually to go back to the previous screen. I still haven’t figured out why sometimes a screen has a back < symbol and sometimes it has an X to dismiss the page, which may return unexpectedly to the homepage as opposed to the previous page.

The logic is different to classic apps and it’s confusing. Even when I manually put a back button into the screen I see users are accidentally dismissing the screen with the X and this reruns to the homepage instead of the previous page.

Hi @Simon_Hill

Usually, the arrow appears when you open a page while already being in a page.

Let’s say you open an item in a slide in (page on the right side), there will only be the X mark to close the page. But, if from this slide in you open a sub item’s page (still in a slide in) then the arrow will appear.

I hope it answers your question