Add a back button to custom actions screen


I have been using custom actions quite a bit and can’t count how many times I have clicked the global back button when trying to go back from the custom actions screen.

As a UI improvement how about there be an added back screen rather than just the cancel button next to the save option. Ideally the back screen would be on the left side of the screen in the custom action viewer.

Just thought to add :raised_hands: : You can go back clicking Alt+left arrow in your keyboard too!

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I’ve requested this a dozen times too. @jason and @mark can attest.


That’s a really great tip! Thank you! :blush:

Yup…done this at least a dozen times…if I had a vote I would give it to you.

This is no-brainer UI fix; especially for non-experts who are used to back arrows sending you back one screen, not to the dashboard and out of the builder.

cmd-left arrow works like a charm on a Mac.

Thanks @Dilon_Perera

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I’m here to confirm it :rofl:

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haha, I must be the only Glide user in the world that doesn’t have a problem with this, and prefers it just the way it is right now :joy:

Probably because you’re more methodical and conscientious than me.

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That’s a really nice thing to say, but I don’t think it’s true :slight_smile: