Can I add a custom action to the standard Back button/link?

See below. My Glide Cancel button resets some variables.

I’d like the built-in Back button/link in the upper left corner to also reset some of those same variables.

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You can’t attach actions to the back button. Also consider devices, like Android, that let you go back with an OS button and avoid the app’s back button.

For situations like yours, I will usually structure my actions to clear the columns on the way into the screen rather than on the way out.


Got it. Thx.

The variables I’d like to clear are set by user actions on this page, so can’t do it on the way in.

Are you sure? Is it because it’s a different table? You could create a single relation or single value (whole row) in the table that contains the button that goes to that screen. Have the relation or single value linked to the same row as the source of your screen. Then you can set column values through the relation or single value on the way into the screen.