Back Button Has Different Functionality on Mobile and Desktop

The back button on overlays in mobile sends the user back two screens instead of one, while on desktop, on the same screens, the back button sends the user back one screen. I’ve attached photos to further clarify the point. The desired functionality is the desktop version where the back button only goes back one screen.

The Actions for opening the screens are the following:

  1. Show New Screen / Target: Overlay
  2. Show New Screen / Target: Overlay

I have tried to change the target on Action 2 to Current, with no luck on changing the mobile functionality.

I am sure there is a good reason for this functionally in other use cases, but for mine it is not the desired outcome. Not sure if a simple solution is eluding me or if I I should just accept this functionality as given. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I have a similar issue, but in my case I don’t even have a back button at on mobile, so I’m stuck with the X button which takes me all the way back to the main screen instead of the previous overlay. Maybe it’s loosely related. Desktop for me works fine though.

Feels like a bug to me. If it doesn’t get fixed, I might have to redo my flow and skip using overlays because it’s becomes confusing and inconsistent for the user and confusing for me too. I can use a breadcrumb as an alternative, but shouldn’t have to, and doesn’t really help the case if the back button does actually show up, which is true you but not for me.

I’d like to see the X and the Back button function the same. The previous overlay opened the current overlay, so in either case, the Back or X should take me back to the previous overlay.

I appreciate the response, Jeff. I actually saw your issue before posting my own but did not put the two and two together that the issue is practically the same, just rendered differently. The fact that it is behaving differently on your app makes me think that the issue is a bug instead of what I initially suspected: A lack of understanding of desired functionality in different use cases where the mobile screen flow is actually the desired one.

Do you think it would be worth submitting a bug for this issue or do you suspect the glide team is already aware of it?

Thanks again for the feedback