Automatically copy column

how i can automatically copy column in BOOK sheet to MY BOOK sheet??

Did you mean to show a screenshot of your User table instead of the My Book table?

What do you mean by automatic? What’s the trigger for it to automatically happen? Or are you trying to switch to a glide table instead of a google sheet?

If you are trying to use book titles to link rows together in different tables, I would recommend storing row IDs instead of book titles. Row IDs are unique meaning you won’t have problems if two different books have the same title, and they won’t ever change in the event that you ever need to correct spelling in a book title.


sorry for my lack of explanation
it means when users write down title column of books page,
it will be automatically copied to title column of my books,
my app process is
1/ adding new book => data is saved in books data
2/ lending book => data is saved in users data
3/ history of the books which you loaned => sort from my books data
my problem is

i can’t link the data (title book) from 3 table together