Anyone know how to auto-populate columns btw sheets

Hi! Does anyone know how the formula to auto-populate info from a column in one sheet to a column in another sheet in Google Sheets? Not the entire sheet, just one column - like Sheet 1 column A auto-populates to Sheet 2 column A. Someone gave me a formula =if(Sheet1!A1<>“”,Sheet2!A1,“”) but it doesn’t work. Thanks!

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Depending on scenario you can use computed columns as Lookup or Single Value to transfer values from one sheet to another.

Hope it helps.

Thank you, but I should have mentioned that I wanted to do it in Google sheets, not within the Glide platform. I’ll update my question.


I think this should be possible using an Array Formula but it is not my forte.

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Thanks… @darder

@ThinhDinh do you know of a formula that can help me do this?

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Needs to be more like this:

={"Copied Column";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN('Sheet1'!A1:A),'Sheet1'!A1:A,""))}

Copy this and paste in Row 1 of whatever column you’d like within the second sheet.


Thank you soooo much!!!