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Is there a way to have glide automatically set a picture based on a cell value?
For example, I have a list of songs and the artists, when I add a new song to the list, I want glide to set an image of the artist in the details screen so I don’t have to manually upload the image every time I add a new song and artist to the list.

Hi! May be, you need to finde site with song name and images and using Fetch column to recieve the images

Thank you. Would you be able to explain the steps to set it up. I’m new to glide so I have no prior experience on this.

You should have a table of Artists. Have the artist name, image and whatever things you want to add in there. Make sure you also add a rowID.

In the Songs table, when you add a new song, have a choice component writing the artist’s rowID to the artist field, but on the front end, that choice should display the aritst’s name. We go this way to make sure there won’t be a case of two artists having the same name breaking the relation that we’re about to set up. Names are not guaranteed to be unique, rowIDs are.

Create a relation from the artist column in the Songs table to the rowID in the Artists able and use lookup columns to get back the artist’s name, image, etc.

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You can copy this template to study

It using my google api and free before some queries per period, but if you will fide another site which can return json , so you can use it same way without api key

If you satisfy image, you can add button to store link in your table
Setup for automation finding image:

  1. Create template column with link. in the link have to replace querying to you need
  2. Create template with jq and replace number in array with you need
  3. Create Fetch json column with link and JQ
  4. Use Fetch column as image or store link in another column

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