Can you do something like single value with images?

This will be a stupid question I think :wink:
I make a tasklist and want the same picture in every new task. I have the image in the first one. Is there something like single value for images or another way to automatically add a picture when adding a task?
Your simple Glide user :wink:

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Will using a template column work for this? Is it always going to be the same image?

yeah always the same

Single Value should work just fine for that. You’re just bringing in the image url from the first row of whichever sheet contains the image url and it will apply to all rows.

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OK thanks!

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I like to put all of my images in one tab and generally always pull single values from there.

Note: Especially helpful in regards to rebuild. A central location for all your image adjustment needs :wink:


Good suggestion!

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Do the same too


works great!

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Yep. I do the same. To save on rows, I also put my choices in this sheet and call it Resources


Nice idea to combine the choice and image tab into one. I have been using separate tabs for choice and images. I will look to combine into one tab for the future.

Thank you for the insight!

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