Automate the sending of emails via Glide / Make / Brevo

Hi there.

I have connected Glide to Make and Stripe, but something does not work along the way.

My objective : the user selects the dates (beginning and end) for a journey at someone’s place (same as Airbnb). The cost of the stay is automatically calculated, and the user automatically lands on a payment page of Stripe. So far, it works.

When the user has paid (stripe page), the “paid” status should appear in the data table “reservation” of Glide. Based on that “paid”, an email should be sent to the user (and the host) via Brevo, with a reminder of the stay, and the reservation should appear on the user’s calendar (and the host’s).
==> This does NOT work. Somehow, I am not able to import the “paid” status from Make.

Any advice ?

Could you show us your how your Make scenario is configured?

Thanks for your reply
Here is the loom video of my problem :slight_smile:

FYI : step 1 is OK, but step 2 does NOT work (emails are not sent to users, and the “paid” status is not imported back to Glide).

First up, you really should have a JSON module before this HTTP call, or use the Glide module.

For your step 2, you’re using a bunch of ignore error handlers and haven’t shown us if they really ran into error handlers in the latest runs. Can you verify that?

Thanks for your reply.

The Step 1 (payment) works correctly. Are you sure I should do something about it ?
I thought the mistake came from step 2 ?

Unfortunately, I am not a developper, and I would not be able to add a JSON or Glide module.
These scenarios were designed by the previous developper.
Until the control of the app was given to me, everything worked, so I guessed the corrections required were not that big.

My developper is no longer keen on helping unfortunately.
If anyone is willing to help, I am ready to pay for a one-shot repair !!!

Concerning the error handler, it says “There are no configurable options for this module”

Thanks again,

It looks like some of your modules are broken/ need to be remapped.

For example 4.body.url looks broken. I think if the reference is done correctly 4.body.url would be a solid color.

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Yeah, it’s not big, it’s just a step to clean the look of the JSON you’re sending back to Glide.

If no one helps you by tomorrow (GMT+7 here), leave me a personal message and I might be able to help with this.