Auto-generate linked action from sheet?


Only just getting into glide after I saw an advert and got very excited.

I currently have a googlesheet that I use for note taking in a tabletop game {very much over the top as pen and paper could work} and what it does is when i write location, name, quest it automatically creates a link to that tab.

For example: Dave is from England - When I input England as the location the spreadsheet will create a link in the next cell to the Tab for England.

Is there anyway for this link to be clickable? I saw that I can add linked action manually, but that could take a while and wouldn’t update whilst taking notes.

Currently the app shows the word link - but it isn’t a link to the tab.



there is no link to tab action if that is what you want

Maybe I didn’t explain it.


So the spreadsheet creates the hyperlink automatically.

However on the App it looks like


I can use the link action to make it link to the correct tab


I was wondering if there is anyway for it to pick this up automatically, or if I have to go through each link and manually add the link action.

did you add a button for the action


I think I get what you mean now. It doesn’t take me to a different tab {which is also called Neverlight Grove} it takes me to the row on the same sheet called Neverlight Grove

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