Authentications (Linking Google and Glide)

Hi all,

I have created a Glide App using Glide and other Google Services (Google App Script). In this sense, is there any way to automate when anyone signs in the app (using Google) so that at the same time he gives permission to the apps used in Google App Script?

I’m a newbie here but I see that Glide is really interesting and useful!

Thanks in advance.


Can we know more about your reasoning for giving people the access to the “apps used in Google Apps Script”? Do you mean giving them the access to the spreadsheet or something else?


Hi ThinhDinh,

Thank you for the answer and sorry for the delay… I thought I had answered!

Yes, of course. The thing is that I create 1 Google Spreadsheet per user of the Glide App. Each Spreadsheet has attached the Google Apps Script.

The Google Aps Script links the Google Spreadsheet with the user’s Google Calendar.

When the Script runs for the first time, I am asked for permission to access the user’s Google Calendar and Google Sheets (and to allow both apps to interact). The thing is that the permission should be granted by the user, not by me.

What I was thinking is if there is a way to make it that when a user signs up for my Glide App, he automatically grants permission other Google Apps (Calendar in this case) to interact with each other.

I don’t know if it’s clearer now! I’ll try to explain it better if not. Thanks a lot!

I think that’s much clearer, but I don’t know how to make it work like you said :sweat_smile: