Audio memo

Voice memos would be an awesome feature to allow users to add


Just bumping this since it’s received two likes. If you think this feature would be something you might use in your app please comment to show your interest.

As a teacher, I’d like to see this so that students Can record themselves reading and I can listen back to assess their fluency.

@Mr_Watkin Until this becomes a feature, you could ask the student to use their favorite audio recorder app to record their memo or reading into a file and save it, then ask them to use the File Picker component in Glide to save it for your perview.

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I thought about that, and they might be able to do that later in the year, but it’s November and that’s probably a bit too complicated for them to handle yet. Haha. They’re little ones :yum::yum::yum:

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Topic closed, similar to In-app audio recording