Adding audio record

Hi to all:) ı wonder how ı can add audio record to my app.Thanks for Help.

You can use the File Picker component.

Any updates on this? Adding file picker is a too poor user experience in my view

You mean this bad boy?


slaps roof of Glide

This bad boy exists!


Oh wow - since when? :smiley: Thx!

Very cool! Added it to a little note-taking app I had just created to replace Google Keep. So, you can type up or note or just record a note.

Wait a minute! OpenAI dictation into the note field…?

Wow! That’s great @Jason!

Since today!

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This is very cool, certainly in combination with the speech to text.

So I’m also testing with this, I added the component in a form and the audio is saved in a text field, however most of the time it doesn’t even save the audio file …
Is this still a bug or what are the limitations?

Update: it is working actually, but you have to wait until it says the file is saved before you click the submit button. My bad :wink: