Audio player and recording

I am new to this platform and I would really appreciate your help. I have two questions:

  • I am trying to understand how I can have a master audio player so users can listen to different podcasts one after the other without leaving a home page (to avoid clicking back and forth between pages that display each unique post).
  • Can users record and post an audio using their own device(mobile device, tablets, computer) directly or they can only post a link to external URL?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Mikamiko,

For the second question, I would like to refer to this discussion.

The current audio player is pretty limited, so I don’t think there is a way to play from a playlist. The audio component is only ever attached to one single audio file at a time. You could however create a choice component that would allow the user to select different podcast urls, and then have the audio component refer to the column that is being set by the choice component. This way they wouldn’t have to leave the screen.

For posting, you would need some sort of third party recording app, then they can upload the audio file with the file picker, which will create a url in a sheet that you can use to attach to an audio component.