Audio on Click

Hello! I’ve looked and looked, but I wasn’t able to find an answer to my question.
So, I wanted to make a language app.
I wanted to be able to click on a definition and then have the audio of how it is pronounced played.
I haven’t been able to figure that part out. I see the audio component, but I wasn’t able to get it to operate.

So you want to learn how to say Hello in Burmese.
You would click on the word on app and then the sound would play.

Any ideas?

You can set up a list of words in rows and display them in a tab. When you click on one of the words, you can have it open up the details of that word’s row. If you have a column with the url of the audio file, then you can add an audio component to play that audio file. You won’t be able to have it play automatically. You will have to open each word and click on the Play button.