Auction/bid app

Is there way to add a bidding option with Glide?

My customer sells horses and wants logged-in people to bid on a horse. There should be a starting bid and a countdown timer for the end time of an auction. When a bid is overruled people need to get notified (email or notifications).

Is this possible?

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I’d be concerned about something that requires that level of time precision like a live auction. I’m sure you could control a form button (Bid Button) with visibility to only show before a set end time of an auction, but somebody might be able to slip in a bid after it’s finished if they are already in the form. Although, you may be able to control time based visibility of a required component within the form. How would you ensure that the person bidding is entering a value above the current bid? What happens if multiple people are rapidly bidding at the same time? I’m just concerned because there can be a bit of a delay between Glide and the Google sheet.

I don’t know of a way to show an active timer within the app.

I’m sure you could set something up with scripting or Zapier to send an email notification.

I’m sure it’s possible and worth experimenting with. Shouldn’t be too hard to throw together test app and get multiple people to test it out.

Given the legal ramifications here you’d want a more robust, secure and stress tested solution than glide driven by a sheet.

Unless the auctions are more for fun than to be a legally binding endeavour…