Are there restrictions on the File Picker?

Well you guys finally have gotten to the point of releasing a PRO version feature, congrats! Are you going to have any restrictions on file size or quantity? It could get out of hand kind of fast with the likes of someone who has 20K users (aka Megann L), with potentially gigs of content.

Or is the plan to count on the averages and figure it won’t be an issue?

Thank you!

Yes I imagine we will introduce file storage limits for Free and Pro apps, and let you pay for more. If you literally make the next Instagram on Glide, whether you’re paying us $0 or $19 per month, the millions of dollars per month that would cost would end Glide pretty quickly!

Luckily, on a per-app basis these costs are very reasonable—Meagan could have terabytes of storage for the price of a few cappuccinos and we could keep the lights on.

Right now the File Picker cannot upload flies over 10MB, but that is just a technical limitation at this point. There is no practical limit for the number of files.

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Great. Sounds like a good business decision to me.