Are Pre-filled form options possible?

Hey there everyone,

I have an app and an admin app where people can submit a new location in the city with a form, but then I need to make my self an admin when they do, so I can edit it without having to add my email to the Admin column in my sheet. Can I make the form populate with a certain email address every time they submit one and then hide that question to the user?

My app is
if you click on the about page you can add a new location and see the form I’d like to add the profiled question to.


Better option would just be to create a template column in that destination sheet that fills in your email address automatically every time a new row is populated.

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If you have a separate admin app, do you need to set the edit condition based on the user? You could just open it up to anybody using the admin app. Unless I’m misunderstanding who has access to the admin app. If it’s business owners a well, then ignore this.