Architect/Builder from the Great Northwest Intro

Hello Glide Community! We are an architecture/construction business located in lush Lake Oswego, Oregon - USA with an extensive Airtable project/client management database. We’re digging in to Glide to create internal project/client management mobile apps and for creating a full service web/mobile client portal for clients to review design progress, construction work progress, schedule/financial updates, invoicing and payments.

Looking forward to learning and building with y’all! Best, Michael


Welcome, and feel free to ask questions when you need help!

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Welcome to the community, by far we tried this projects types and it’s working great so far to track sites progress

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I think Darren posted a series of videos on his YouTube channel about client portals, you might want to have a look.

Welcome to Glide and the community forum! :wave:



Check it:


Thank you for the great video series @darren

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