🕹️ Arcade 80's


I made some applications with Glide but this one I’m particularly happy even if it’s not a client’s order it’s just a personal project

I invite you to discover it. I used the swipe function to make a voting system.

if you are a fan of arcade games from the 80’s I think you should like it so I invite you to go and see it right away and give me a feedback in the forum

GO → arcade80.top

To fully develop the application under Glide, file the domain name and entered all the data, it took me about 6 hours.

NOTES : It’s all the more fun to launch the application today since on google the Doodle is dedicated to erry Lawson* engineer who first developed the cartridge system in video games and who is also one of the first black American to have created a real innovation in this field.

  • In the 1970s, Jerry Lawson was one of the only blacks working in this field and had to face racism from some. His work was finally recognized in March 2011, when he was named an industry pioneer by the International Game Developers Association.



This is AMAZING!!! Of course, I was born in 1973, so I might be a bit biased! Nice work and THANKS for sharing!!!

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you can find a lot of games in the wayback machine…

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absolutly ! WMB Internet arcade is one of my favorite source

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Absolutely love it! Great work! :joystick: :fire:

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