Games on Glide

So after view days, I finally mastered relations and action on Glide.
I made a Tic Tac game whit out any scripts, sheet formulas or embedding… is all pure Glide components and action!
And you don’t have to sign in !!!
It is design that you can play against your self or with friend on the same device.

(if more people play at the same time from deferent devices, it makes problems, you will see someone else making moves, but is perfect if nobody else have access to this tab only you or your friend to play with)


ps: live comments what you think about it … :wink:


:clap: excellent work

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Thank you, i think … finally I get all the technics and tricks with actions and relations… lol

Very cool!

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I see that my old link for Tic Tac is not active anymore… so here is the new one: