Apps not Duplicating


I have been trying to duplicate two of my apps this evening. After clicking “Duplicate App”, I just get the oscillating rectangles, and nothing happens. I return to the “Apps” screen with all my apps, and the new app appears at the bottom of the list with the word “Loading”. When I click on that app, I just get the oscillating rectangles.

Any else experiencing this or is it just me?


:wave: Happened to me twice this evening. They never finished loading but I was able to delete them…

Did you get them to eventually duplicate?

I can confirm this is happening to me too…never duplicated.

The same is happening to me

Recategorised as a bug.

@SantiagoPerez - seems to be widespread, are support aware of this?

Same here. Now working since last evening

Thanks @Darren_Murphy!!

I can reproduce. Passing this on to the team.

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Same issue for me and a couple of customers too.

Requesting an urgent fix for this as it’s a huge blocker!

We are aware of the issue. It is too late for a hotfix today but we will get this fixed ASAP.

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Any timeline by when we can expect this. Will plan the same internally accordingly.

No promises but I would be shocked if it’s not fixed tomorrow


Thought I was going crazy or doing something wrong. Glad it wasn’t just me.

This has been fixed!

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Awesome, Thanks for the Update Santiago!

Hi Santiago,
Still not working for me. I need to duplicate the Google Sheet (not use the same Google Sheet). I get an error that the app cannot be duplicated because the Google Sheet is too complicated. I have tried all my apps including one with almost no data. Same error.
Don’t know if I should start a ticket.
Attached is the error message.

Hi All,

I had to sign out and back into Glide, and it now works.

Appreciate the help from the team.


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