Apps: Map style is not working :/

My App/Pages Support link:
get support link option is taking way too long

Describe the bug:
*Map style doesn’t load :confused: *

Expected Behaviour:
Map should be showing up

How to replicate:
create a sheet with name and location, and try to view it in map style

You can create one using

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experiencing same issue here, @glide please fix the issue


Check this post, posted by Thinh!

Thanks! it’s been fixed.

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Is anyone still experiencing this issue? The map style just stopped working today for me.

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Same for me :confused:

Super annoying for a city guide style app…

Where should we report it ?
Nothing appears in “status”… Only our users would tell us :confused:

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For me as well, in a deliveries app, and a very big one to say the least

Is this still an issue? If so. could you share a link where this is happening?

Still happening for me - is the link for my site where the map feature is not working. Inline list component still works, but the map style no longer appears. I’ve had this issue before where the map would not appear if no coordinates or addresses were included or had been filtered out, but in my current case, none of those other issues are present and the map still will not display.

EDIT: To clarify, if I switch to the built-in Map Style, the map works/appears. However, I am using the Inline List Component with a Map Style on that inline list as I needed more customization for filters.


I’m sorry that you’re having thin issue. If you haven’t yet, Please submit a ticket for us to take a close look.


Yes still an issue.
Inline list map component not working/appearing.

How long does it take usually to fix this kind of Glitch ?

Thanks in advance

Please, if you haven’t yet! Submit a support ticket.

Thanks, Santiago! Just submitted.

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A fix for this issue has been deployed. We released Maps in Pages and for lack of a better term there was a glitch that caused it to overlap to apps and cause this issue.