Applying row owners to a large app making the app crash even in the editor, cannot even open to edit

I just applied row owners to a large table 5k rows & the app crashed immediately. Currently it won’t even open in the editor, i get the error msg every time i click to launch it.

I’m not sure that any of us in the community will be able to help with this.
I’d suggest submitting a support ticket with Glide, if you haven’t already.

I waited a bit, seems like Glide had too many calculations to make.
Then i managed to open the editor, removed the row owners and hopefully all is fine
Will have to dig more into Glide to see how I can make potential use of row owners.

You could duplicate your project on your dashboard so as to keep one project for live production and the other for testing. In the project for testing you can then adult row owners again and play around.

It might also be worth checking if the project crashed in the builder but possibly not in production.