Apply Fertilizers

I have made an app (given above) of fertilizer recommendations for crops. This app is applicable to a central state in India. This app selects the division, then district (within a division), then crop (within a district) and so on finally calculates the required fertilizer nutrients for a specific targeted yield of a chosen crop.

The app also calculates the rates of fertilizers (urea, DAP, MOP, mixed fertilizers etc.).

However, everything is being done google sheet and because of that this can be used by only one user at a time. Can the concept of user specific column be applied in this case case?
This is a rather lengthy calculation with lot of Vlookup/Hlookup etc in Google Sheet…

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Yes, you must use user-specific columns for this to work for multiple users at once.

We are not sure how you are structuring your calculations, but if you find any problems in transferring the logic to Glide please tell us.