App update not resetting

New month started but updates are not resetting. It shows the update count from previous month and adding updates to that only.

@SantiagoPerez I think I’ve seen update resets being reported as a problem once in a while. Is there a root cause that engineer has identified for this?

Let’s submit a ticket so we can investigate more.

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@SantiagoPerez It asks for glide app url, but my app is not published yet. I’m building it right now…what link should I share?

Can you aquire the support link?

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@Jeff_Hager Yes I have the support link.

further i would like to mention that I am on free plan currently. I have read that in paid plans, updates reset on plan due date, i.e the date my payment for next month becomes due.

So what’s the due date for free plan user, because today it is showing ‘resets in 25 days’ so it is taking calendar month.

Can someone help me understand when the update resets. My account said “resets in xx days” and now says 31 days and then 7 days and yet nothing has reset in the numbers???

Maybe it’s the same issue as this thread.

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