App transferred by error

I have created several teams to organize my different kind of glide apps. I have mistaken the team I have transferred an app to and when I have tried to re-transfer it to the right team there was a message asking to enter the payment method info of the target organization, but there is none. It is an app in the free plan. Is there anyway I can put that app in the right team?

You can’t transfer a paid app to a team that does not have a payment method on file. That is why it is asking you to enter in a credit card payment method.

Sorry. I have not been clear. It is a free app

So is the app on a free plan, or on a basic plan like you indicated in your first post?

Sorry. Free plan. I have edited the first post

We will need more information so it is best to create a support ticket here In the dropdown select that you have a bug and make sure to fill out all of the info which will speed up the resolution of your issue.

In fact, it happens with all my apps. I can’t transfer any of them to another team