[Urgent] App Transfer issue

I am trying to transfer an application from a free plan to a Maker paid plan which has been successfully paid and is not on a free tial, but I get the following error:

“You are trying to transfer an app to a team that is on a free trial or has failed payments. Apps can be transferred after payment has been made. Would you like to view this team’s Billing screen?”

@DJP @NoCodeAndy Can you check this? Thank you.

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If anyone from Glide responds, they will need to know your Maker Team ID.
So you can save time by supplying it now.
Get it from the URL when viewing your Glide Dashboard

https://go.glideapps.com/o/[Your Team ID is here]

As Darren said, without your Team ID, we will not be able to look into your issue


This is the team ID: sxRVFH76xDjHBDhCYe3h that I am trying to transfer to
It’s on the Maker plan and it’s paid on 2/13/2024

Thank you for flagging this! This is indeed a bug.

Can you tell me the app ID that you want to transfer and the team ID where the app is? You can find the app ID by opening the app

I can then manually move this app for you. Please make sure that you are part of the team

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