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I am trying to transfer an App that I have developed in my Legacy Pro plan environment into my first client who has just signed up for a Team Plan. When I try to transfer the App I am getting this message:

"Unable to transfer app

You are trying to transfer an app to a team that is on a free trial or has failed payments. Apps can be transferred after payment has been made. Would you like to view this team’s Billing screen?"

This is obviously being raised because my client just signed up for a plan and is now on the 30 day free trial period even though he has already chosen the yearly option and entered his credit card details to ensure the plan is billed when the free trail is over.

It seems a little restrictive that I have to wait until the 30 days are up until I can transfer the app. Is there a way to overcome this?

Not that I am aware of.

The recommended way to develop Apps for clients is to create the App in their team from day one.

@Darren_Murphy my client has highly cautious about committing to a new platform after a very bad experience with another low code provider. He wasn’t prepared to commit to Glide until he was confident it could do everything he needed to do so it was not possible to develop the application in his Team from Day 1

It seems strange to have a “Transfer to Team” option if what you suggest is true especially as after the 30 days I should be able to transfer the App without any issues so in this case i’m inclined to disagree with you.

That’s okay, but it wasn’t my idea. This is what Glide recommends and is the type of workflow their Agency Plan is designed for.

That’s fine. Glide provides a free trial on all paid plans to cater for this type of scenario.

Anyway, it is a restriction that you cannot transfer Apps into teams that are on a free trial, and there is no workaround to that. So your options would be:

  • wait for the trial to expire, then transfer the App
  • rebuild the App in the Clients team
  • have the client create a new paid team without a trial period, and transfer the App immediately.

Ah I wish I had known about the Agency Plan sooner, I need to look into that.

I’m going to check with Support if they can simply expire the 30 day trial in the existing Team as this would be the quickest way to solve the problem I think

Hey Alex!

The Agency plan is the only plan that allows you to transfer apps to teams that are on trials. This plan is designed exclusively to fit experts’ workflows - which is making a team for each of their clients.

If you reach out to support they might can wiggle some wires for you. Have you joined the Glide Experts Program?

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Hey @BrettH

Yes I’m just becoming aware of the Agency plan and to be honest that would be a better solution for me than the Legacy Pro plan I am on right now. I’m already in the Glide Experts program I believe and I have the Level 2 certification.

I’ll reach out to Support today!

@BrettH Glide Support just expired my clients free trial and I was able to transfer the App successfully. I really need to see if I can get on the Agency plan as that would be better in the long term I think.

Yeah - It’s designed with the Expert’s workflow in mind. Darren linked the article on how to get it - let me know. :slight_smile:

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