App is not showing data on shared link, but working well on editor

Hi, my app is working as it should on Editor and showind all right data, but when I go to published link, it dosnt show the right calculations (allways 0)

We’ll need more information in order to be able to help.

What are the calculations, and where are they being performed?

A screenshot or two would be useful.

here is a screenshot of editor

and here is a screenshot of mobile

There is a problem with syncing, the shared link is not showing the same things as the editor

When you log in on your phone, are you logged in as the same user that you are viewing as in the App builder? (It looks like you are, but please confirm that).

Can you show a screen shot (from the Glide Data Editor) of the data table that is used for the chart?

It’s not only about the chart, but all the data is missing, I’m sure that the logged user mail is the right one (otherwise I would get a new row with a new user mail) and everything is working well in the editor : the app is giving the right results there, also when I submit new data using the app (not in editor) I get it added to the right user, showed and calculated right in editor, but on App (shared link) still nothing is done. The chart is from multiple relation of the table

Are there row owners in place on the table that the multiple relation is pointing to? If so, the end user is only going to pull in the data that they actually have access to through that relation. Sometimes in the Editor, it can give you a false perception that you can view all the data in a multi-relation, but if there are row owners in place, the published app won’t download all the data on the end user’s device, leading to different results than you’ll see in the Editor.

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No row owner used, I know this issue and I deleted row owned, I’m speaking about why the App in phone (shared link) is not same as Editor Layout, row owner will give me the same issue in layout but it is not the case. I am using Glide for a long time now as a web app creator freelancer and I’m an advanced user.

I think we’d need more information, like seeing how that relation is built and screenshots of each side of it. Also, what data is the chart pointing to and is that screen filtered by signed-in user, or is it just looking at the first row of that table?

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It is a multiple relation, looking for Emails and it is giving me the right results, Im sorry to be insisting, but again: On Glide EVERYTHING IS OK, data, layout and every thing is working well, the problem is when I use it as an app in phone or browser, nothing is counted, and at the same time when I submit data from browser it is added to the app and counted right in Glide editor only, but not in Browser, I insist that the logged mail is also right.

Can you show a screenshot of the Objectifs table (the one that the relation is pointing to)?

I can give you a member access if you dont mind to share email with me

hmm, it looks like you are using a template column (that includes the date) to create your relations - is that correct?

I suspect that you might be running into a date formatting mis-match issue. That is, the date formatting is different on each device, which is causing the relations to fail in some cases.

As a general rule, if you want to use dates to create relations, its a good practice to first convert them to an integer or a fixed string.


Was going to say the same thing. I run into this a lot in Canada, where some users have their default device language as French, which causes issues because I build the app in English. I usually find a way to build the date as a string (like @Darren_Murphy mentioned), or convert the date to a consistent value using MONTH and DAY math columns.


OK, thank you so much, I will try this and tell you

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