App glide page PRO (not visible online)

@david I have this problem with the glide page PRO since last night my app is no longer visible at the online address ( ) it gives me a blank page. The app inside glide works fine but is unreachable. I think it is a problem that does not depend on me for this I ask you for assistance, I have already written on messenger, in the community, for assistance but without answer. I remember that it is a PRO version and the fact that it is not visible is not the best for the rest I have been approaching the glide page for 4 days and I am really enthusiastic and happy with what I am creating but this thing that I cannot solve is a real problem.

Looks like a bug!

Please submit a support ticket:

Mentioning me here directly, or using Facebook messenger, is not how we offer support, unfortunately.

A thousand thanks! sorry but i am new and did not know how to communicate with you to glide

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You have written 3 posts about the same topic in the past 10 hours. Please keep it to this one, I’ll close the others.

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@ThinhDinh ok scusatemi tanto ma ero preoccupato.
Comunque da ieri sera è tornato visibile!
Grazie mille

it is now offline again
i have write at assistance

Could it be that he is offline because he can’t stand too many visitors to the page? I ask why I do Facebook ads that send to the page and there is a lot of traffic

Help me is not visible at yesterday :sob:

update today was back online then went offline again would anyone be able to tell me what it could be due to?

What is the link to your app?


It is showing nothing for me. Do you have any page visibilities that may affect a user to the extent that they can not see anything in the app at all?

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@ThinhDinh no it has been like this for 2 days from a blank page but everything is set up well because when it becomes visible everything works

As @ThinhDinh said - it looks to me as though you do have some kind of ‘filter’ or ‘component/page visibility’ on your page preventing it from being displayed.

Have you definitely checked?

@Rosewebstudio @ThinhDinh yes I have set some visibility filters, so you think they should be the reason? but where you create the app in the view as anyone you see the pages

@Rosewebstudio @ThinhDinh I did some tests and actually removing the filters is online!
thank you


Excellent :clap:

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