App generation


I wonder if from one of my app, can I generate another app based on a template, and data ?


You can create a duplicate copy of your app, and then customise that. Is that what you are looking for?

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Not really.

Let say: I have my APP A and another APP B (template)
From A I would like to create an APP B instance with ideally data base on specific sheet.

Sorry, I don’t get it…

You can change the source sheet on any app if that’s what you are asking.

no :frowning:
when you select a template you can then copy the template and it will come directly in your dashboard.

I wonder if I can do it directly from an app, instead of going to the dashboard, select the template, and then copy the template…

So you are trying to merge a template into an existing app?

I think he means he wants to trigger the duplication of App B from within App A


exactly :+1: , but I don’t think this is possible :frowning:

No, I don’t think that’s possible either.