App freezing in Edit mode

I’m going nuts trying to figure out why my app is freeing. It has been happening for weeks now but with a refresh it would just reboot itself and then I can continue editing.
Now, no mater how often I refresh, it is stil frozen. I tried click in the sheets but nothing.

I love this platform but whew!
I’mm new to this community but Im in love with the helpfulness and quick responses.
@Robert_Petitto your tutorials are amazing.

Stuck again!

Happy to help!

Typically frozen apps are due to spreadsheet size and the number of calculations (math, relation + rollup columns) you have. How many rows are in your spreadsheet?

You are amazing. That has to be it. Lots of relations and rollup columns. It makes a lot of sense. Jeez. I really went overboard. I’ll go through the app and remove all columns hat are not absolutely necessary.
Thanks a mil.

‘Find all uses’ is your best friend