App for bookworms

Hi, so this is my first ever glide app and I’m wondering if yall would help me out by testing it and giving me feedback on what I should improve on and if I were to add any features what features would you love to see in the app. Please note that I will add more books in the future but for now I want to get the features all down before adding more books. : D


Looks cool!) Nice, fast and simple, great job!
Little notification when adding to cart or shelf would be great in terms of UX. For user to be sure that everything works as expected.

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Oh ok. I will add that to my app. Once again thanks for the suggestion!

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Perhaps a nice enhancement would be to allow users to suggest new books to be added to the library.

Maybe also allow for user submitted reviews and recommendations.

I’d also consider adding some custom filters to the main screen - filter by genre, filter by author.
Not really needed now, but would be useful once you have a larger collection of books.

But, nice job :wink:

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I will look into those and try to add them into my app. Thanks!! :upside_down_face:

Added : D

Reviews as in reviews about the book they read?? I would say the comment section is intended for users to leave reviews. Maybe I can add the comments in all the details pages for people to refer to them.

Recommendations do you mean like what you said in the first sentence? Because I don’t quite get this part.

Currently working and researching about this part but thanks for the suggestion

Yeah. I guess I was thinking about something a little more “formal” than just comments.
But comments is fine :slight_smile:

If so, how would you propose it would look/work?

Well, the comments component is a little bit restrictive. You can’t really do much with it.

If you were to capture reviews in an actual form, then you could do more with them. Display them as a list, sort them, make them clickable, etc, etc. You can’t do that easily with comments.

Ah okok. I will test that out! Thanks!