App Copy / App sharing does not appear

Hi team!

I’m creating a new app and I would like to change ownership (I need to change the email adress to pass it to my professionnal one and therefore the google drive account)… Reading a few threads I saw that the easiest way was to enable copy sharing but that option doesn’t appear on my sharing settings withing my app…

The app is build from scratch as far as I know
There are no experimental columns whatsoever.

Could you guys help me with this?


P.S. : developpers should really create an undo button :sweat_smile:

Try the established “CTRL-Z” . I think they recently activated that!


Check this post by Santiago! : Moving app from one account/email to another account/email (GlideApps) - #21 by SantiagoPerez


didi you get any solution for that?