Come passare un applicazione su un altro account

ho creato una app come posso fare per passarla sull account del committente

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I think I understood this correctly without google translate. :tada:
So you want to pass on your app to a customer, correct?
Cool. First you want to make your app copyable, or cloneable, by going to settings. Flip the checkbox that looks a lot like this,

And tell your customer to click ‘copy this app’ when visiting it. When your customer has successfully copied it, you can flip that switch again - you don’t want strangers copying your app!
There’s a similar thread like this one here.

Hope this helps!

non e giusto e perfetto ma adesso posso cancellare l app dal mio account senza provocare danni all app del cliente

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Not sure if that was a question or a statement, but yes. If you’re sure your client has copied the app, deleting your app will cause no damage to the clients’ app. But be aware, that if your client deletes their app, there is no way to get it back.

era una domanda quindi grazie di nuovo

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