Any way to iterate over all rows?

If I’m missing something obvious, I apologize, I’m new to Glide, and my app is working as I want, with one exception. I need an action that can do two things: reset a boolean column in all rows to false, and at the same time assign a random integer to another column. I can’t seem to find any way for an action to actually iterate over a table? Seems like basic functionality, am I missing something?

No, that doesn’t exist.

Other than using something external, probably the closest you can get to this is as described below:

There are a couple of plugins that might help with this. Have a look at the Roll Dice & Random Number plugins.


Sigh…ya, wish we had set column / delete rows over multiple relation already…

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Hi, new user and I just want to +1 the need to iterate over rows. Also wondering if anyone came across a practical work-around.

My current plan is write it in Python in a Zap and iterate over each row using the Tables API. But that seems very hacky.

That’s one of the only ways to do it at the moment though. Set Column / Increment over a multiple relation has been a feature request for almost 3 years now and Glide hasn’t yet developed it.

@Mark any chance this is ever going to be a thing? @david mentioned this is the year for Glide to become more powerful. This request would certainly embody that goal.