Any advise, some good practices for airtable?

I think this can be interesting for many newcomers here :slight_smile:

As you know :wink: I have 2000 products. Our team keep them in Airtable. So, in Airtable, I have a view with 20 perfected columns. As I said, perfected :muscle:
Products change over time, so it is convenient to keep them in Airtable.

BUT, my app in Glide does a lot of filtering, so I have many additional columns. I do some extra math, and some comparing. The question is: what is the best practice to deal with such a situation?

The best example I had today: I built an app on data inside Glide (some export/import) works well. But today parameters of 300 products were updated. And I have this update in Airtable, not in Glide data…

Some best practices are… ??