(AMA) I created a #nocode Baseball Simulation Game

“An experience like no other: All games on the Soulless League Baseball are simulated. They’re live and they’re interactive, but they’re also fake, just like the team you’ll be fielding.”- Commissioner Owyss

Watch the live gameplay here. (audio are edited in)
Here’s hoping Glide will add audio feature soon.

This weekend is the Semi-final game. Check out the site https://soullessleague.glide.page/


I don’t know how scoring works, but this looks glorious. Thanks for sharing.

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To run the game its still a manual work as I need to press the button for each move.
The Play Ball Button contains 26 conditions to check the rules of the game.

Attributes were randomly generated, like Swing or No Swing,
if Swing what is the outcome.
Outcome is a Single. Base +1
Outcome is a Double. Base +2
Outcome is a Triple. Base +3
If Base more than 4. Score + 1.
After trying out a direct scoring, I now adopt a [Temp Score] due to other factors.
Homerun is the easiest but need to check if there’s any Base, in this cast it may be a 2 Run scored.

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