I built a Village-building Sim game and more

I wanted to build an interactive storytelling journaling game with the knowledge I gained from the first game I developed Baseball SIM
, adapting mainly the feature to update GIF through setting column fields.
I wanted to simulate a growing village as the player build and develop the village through the seasons.

Some considerations
From the previous game, Baseball matches was controlled only by me, to click on the button to run the calculation, which takes up my time and commit a lot of edits for just a game.
Therefore, with that in mind, I wanted to reduce the number of edits and give that control over to the players to interact.
This also aligned with the player interaction and allow playing at their own pace to move their story forward.

Main mechanics
rest preview
Player interacts with a set of buttons to trigger the conditions to run the game.

The interactions are governed by the game economy of managing the resources like Wood to build shelter, plow fields to harvest crops. And when player actions of 7 days finishes. The Rest button will show to advance to the next week.

Feel free to try out the game and comment below if you have any questions about the mechanics or how certain functions are designed using glide features!

You can try it here (Requires sign up to generate and store user progress information.)

Play now! https://lightlegacy.glide.page/


Apart from the village sim, I cooked out a simple card game to use as end game content.

Basic idea was using array to house the value of 1 to 8. then randomly remove the numbers to form a final deck. Players will choose to play their hand (4 cards randomly selected) against computer selected value. the bigger value wins.

card game

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Seems like you got over the quota :sweat_smile:

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Right! I am guessing thats what happen when having a multi-player access game =X.
May need to upgrade or wait for another 12 days.

I need to pay to reset button~

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