SIMPLE GAMES using Glide?

Hi I’m Jomar , I’m a homeschooling dad in the Philippines - and would love to teach Glide to my kids --so they can make simple games.

Any ideas? Thank you for the LIKE :slight_smile:


Hello… am also from the Philippines… good to meet you here…

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the best gamification app created by yours truly

Hello!! What apps do you make Elena?

CHECKING…roberto…im looking for a game though…but will check your gamified inventory app…

@Jomar_Hilario I used in my company app html5 Simple games links (24 games in total)

It’s the second option in home page

I suggest to add to home screen before test, because the links open inside the app and give you a better experience :grin:

Made a resume app. Am now finalizing the real estate app.

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Event though, create a game in glide I guess it’s not possible because we depend on a lot of CSS and animations for that, thing glide can’t do in a framework platform .

But create a gamification app as @Robert_Petitto, yes you can

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Hi Jomar, Judy here from the Philippines too. great to meet you here!

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I have tried to recreate Monopoly with Glide. But it involves a lot of complex parts. Check it out here:

Hi Jomar! I’m from Philippines too! But now I am base in Singapore, glad to meet you here.

i do not know how to use your app do you have any set of instructions

It’s usually played over a video call with friends. I have never really took the effort to make instructions for it because I could always explain it to my friends on the call.

Quick overview, users can roll dice turn by turn and they will automatically land on a new property which will be calculated according to the dice roll, they can buy the property by paying the bank.
The app records the owners of the properties, the current positions of players (which are calculated by the dice rolls), the money logs and has the complete directory of all the property and action cards available on Monopoly.

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