Alternatives to my ridicolous "italian" solution

I’m a newbie, so be patient, please. :grinning: :roll_eyes:

  1. I’ve 5 EVENTS DATES I call people to partecipate to.
  2. They can CONFIRM theyr partecipation or not
    I made a tab were I can check called/confirmed people for each date
    Example: by clicking on18/05/2020 from a list I obtain:
    Each name has a FLAG image if confirmed and a RED CROSS image if not confirmed.
    To obtain this result I’ve duplicate every name 10 times:NAMENUMER OF EVENTSPOSSIBILITIES(confirmed/not confirmed)
    Jack 28/06/2020 confirmed img flag
    Jack 28/06/2020 not confirmed img red cross
    Jack 29/06/2020 confirmed img flag
    Jack 29/06/2020 not confirmed img red cross
    and so on…
    It works, but
    With 40 peopleI I’ve obtained almost 700 rows!! That’s, obviously ridicolous, but I can’t find another way to let a person have the FLAG in one date and the RED CROSS in another date…
    Thank you in advance for reading and help.

Are your Flag and Red Cross images replaceable by emoticons in Google Sheets?

Thanks for your speed!!
This are the imgs, but if necessary I can change them

You can use icons in If > Then > Else columns.

Here’s my example.

And a demonstration of how it works with icons.


You also don’t need to make 700+ rows for it. With this if then else you can record just the “Participation?” boolean column then have an If > Then > Else like I do and you’re good to go.

This helped me very much, 1000 Thank you!
I suppose I’ve to do an if-than-else column for each date. Correct?
Tx, Paolo

You would design the data as person, date, confirmation (to store the boolean), then an If > Then > Else column in Glide.

Thanks again for your help. Now everything seems ok!

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