Allowing users tokens to spend?

Hi all,

I’m new here and creating my first big Glide project.

I’m building a recruitment tool for my work that allows some of our customers to search a database we’ve compiled. My boss would like to be able to sell them tokens to search, with the first 3 free. I’m using pages and I understand I’ll have to use a connection to Stripe or similar.

I’m just wondering if this is a possible within Glide and what is the best way to implement it?

Thanks in advance

I think what you can do here is.

  • Force people to login to use the product (as doing it publicly won’t attach a user with an authorized search, unless you do a long workaround of finding a way to get their IP address, but that can be bypassed by VPNs as well). This means you would need to get Pro Private.

  • On registering to sign in, you allow people to have 3 free entries.

  • Allow people to type into a text entry that writes to a user-specific column, and have a button to set the input to another column, and increment the amount of tokens used by 1. You filter the actual list to show based on that column, so you can have some control on the amount of “tokens” people have used, and when to “show” them the new search results.

  • Once they get to 3 entries, you show a button for them to buy more tokens with a Stripe payment page. After a successful payment, you use a service like Make to write the email of the purchaser back, alongside the number of tokens they have bought. Then you continue the process of searching like above.