Change User Access Upon Payment

When a user pays through Stripe, Glide changes the user’s access from free to premium automatically.

Hi, by the “premium access” do you mean the type of subscription that YOU have in Glide?
Is the idea to unlock automatically some Glide functionalities that are not available in Glide free version? This would be nice for instance for nb of rows, edit, location pins etc, that you are limited in volume by the subscription; nonetheless, if I’m correct, it wouldn’t change anything to other functions that you cannot “code” if you have not taken yourself the premium subscription upfront (ex. Roles).

No, I mean that after a user pays, they can unlock extra content in the app.

You can build a flow with Zappier > Stripe (or other Payment solution) : “when payment done > check in a column in glide > when column is checked functions a, b, c are visible to user”

I could, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to go outside the system and rely on Zapier. My request is that this could happen solely within Glide.

You want this, then?